Noteworthy Quotes

“There are some artists that are good, and there are some artists that are excellent; there are some artists that are funky, and there are some artists that are just goddamn remarkable.” — Artist Robert Williams upon presenting “Best Of Show” to Fritz at ArtHatch Distinction Gallery, Escondido, California on September 9, 2011
“As always, warm, life-like beautiful art that is worthy to hang in the Getty Museum . Tom gives our style of life a soul in his paintings.” — Stormy Byrd
“Contemporary fine art is most often either arcane or merely decorative. It is not often that you discover modern works of art that are rich in narrative and have the capacity to illicit longing and wonder. And you most definitely won’t find these qualities in automotive art. With the exception of Tom Fritz’s artwork. He achieves these effects and more. Auto enthusiasts should be thrilled to have an artist of this caliber in their midst..” — Dylan Stewart, STOIC
“His style speaks volume about light and form.” — Rich Boyd, Editor, “The World of Rods” Magazine
“His sole purpose is to convey a mood or evoke feelings that center around traditional hot rodding scenes, and he does it wonderfully.” — Steve Coonan, Editor, “The Rodder’s Journal”
“[I] was suddenly overwhelmed by the impossibility of adequately describing his work because looking at his paintings on the web and seeing them in person are two entirely different experiences. On the web, they just look like paintings. In real life, they have a subtlety of color and shadow that makes them something of an impressionistic photograph: the detail is softly perfect and the aura, at least to me, is very, very powerful.” — Budd Davisson,  January 17, 2009
“[His] supreme interpretive abilities and candid insights open our eyes to the world of American Hot Rodding. He’s the genuine article for the job” — Automotive Fine Art Journal, 2007, Tom Fritz AFAS, by O’Ciep Cimota
“When Grant Larson (manager, advanced exterior design, Porsche AG) was asked what he, as a Porsche designer, uses for inspiration, he answered, “A firm grounding in the company’s history, racecars, hot rods, and Tom Fritz’s automotive paintings.” — Full Circle, Summer/Fall 2004, “Art Center Car Classic ’04”
“Some say Fritz is the Rockwell of our generation. Say Hallelujah!” — HOP UP Magazine – June 1999
“When I first flipped the page to Autoweek Magazine’s article about painter Tom Fritz winning the Automotive Fine Art’s Society’s Peter Helck Award, the small image of his painting “A Little Ahead of Schedule” stopped me in my tracks. I thought “Holy Crap!” as I was immediately pulled into another world. Fritz’ work may seem like it’s about cars to a casual observer, but it’s really about making that “holy crap!” impact through lighting and numerous other elements. His work is created from his imagination, so he can use light in ways about which photographers can only dream.” — Ken Rockwell, – “What Is A Masterpiece” – July 20, 2012