At lunch with Alex Xydias of SO-CAL Speed Shop

Alex Xydias reached out and rattled my cage last week, reminding me that we hadn’t had lunch in a while. Didn’t have to remind my growling stomach. We’ve known each other since the start of my career and it’s always a great joy to share chow-time with him. I rolled into our usual hangout, Bob’s in Toluca Lake, just two minutes shy of our agreed upon meeting time and slid into the seat opposite him. He flipped the Autoweek he was reading around and slid it across the table. “Look at this, Tom”. He pointed at the yellow Ford GT40 in the article. “Just to put it in perspective…you can buy that car today, drive it off the lot and go 216. In 1950, we got our tank into the 200’s with a flathead and a dual intake.” I can’t hold it any longer – commence pinching myself.


In our way-too-short get-togethers over the years, we’ve shared a little bit about our lives: the War, hot rodding, So-Cal Speed Shop, the complexities of career, art-making, family, everything. Alex is a wonderfully brilliant man, always warm, upbeat, optimistic, and hungers to drown my fries in ketchup.

Our get-together wrapped up in the parking lot. My truck was full of new paintings I’d just picked up from the framer, so I treated him to a private showing before heading off.


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