Guess the vehicle in the painting – Clue #2

Guess the vehicle in the painting – Clue #2

Good morning everyone. I am painting a great deal right now, getting ready for the Concours d’ Elegance in Plymouth MI.
Here is a close up from one of my paintings. I will post 4 more during next month. The person that can guess the type of vehicle in the paining will win a free signed poster.
Give it your best shot and good luck.

“Here, take a look at this close-up of an area of a piece I’m working on right now. When I work, I try to see my subject as abstracted shapes. I start by blocking in major shapes with approximate color, and then constantly alter, refine, and define within them. This makes complex elements more simplified.”

“Keep in mind I’m thinking about two-dimensional shapes, not three-dimensional objects. At the same time, there’s this constant game of relating all of these shapes together within the entire design and make the painting work. It’s this thinking abstractly that helps keep everything loose and excites my eye.”



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