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For those who are not familiar with this artist's work, it is distinguished by an honest, uncontrived approach to reality that is tempered with the soft-edges of impressionism.

Tom Fritz has taken his fascination of a movement once cast aside and brought it forth to the mainstream to be reexamined and recognized as a valuable element of the American tableau. Born and raised in San Fernando, California, Tom’s vivid childhood recollections of the motorcycle and automotive cultures that were prevalent in Southern California during the 60’s and 70’s are a part of the power that have established him as a prominent artist of the genre. As one critic described, “Colorful, impressionistic brushwork, and simple, yet beautifully structured compositions charged with a hint of narrative drama are hallmarks of his paintings. His art signifies a theme; a reflection of an era.” Indeed, his paintings are a celebration of the memories and observations made since his childhood – a unique and sensitive interpretation of the emotion and beauty of power.

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“Warm, life-like, beautiful art that is worthy to hang in the Getty Museum. Tom gives our style of life, a soul in his paintings.”

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